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Welcome. We are living in times of great and rapid change.  The dramatic changes around us call for corresponding changes within us. The evolutionary spirit of humanity is calling us to shed outdated, limiting, fear-based beliefs about ourselves and the world.     I wrote this passage ten years ago!!  The current pandemic has toppled our lives and societies as we know it.  NOW more than ever, we are called to calm our fears and call forth our wisdom and compassion.  OFFERING ONLINE OR PHONE SESSIONS.

My work brings together Science, Psychology and Spirituality–   integrating the contemplative practices of Yoga and Meditation to  Western psychotherapy.  I have an ongoing fascination with Somatic (the body) and the wisdom the body to heal from  trauma. Research indicates that Counselling, Yoga, and Meditation are profound methodologies for personal change and transformation.  As a holistic counsellor, I  recognize the mind/body/spirit continuum.  I  focus on the highest vision of your life.  Using a combination of these modalities, I support you to rethink and restructure your life and navigate transitions. I offer a safe, encouraging, environment to help you heal, open your heart, and broaden your mind to   possibilities.

A mind filled with love has infinite possibilities; a mind filled with fear has few.
—Marianne Williamson