Counselling Testimonials

“I met Ocean at a very low point in my life. My father died last year, but I had been grappling with our relationship for all of my adult life. Ocean helped to put so many issues in perspective for me. First and foremost are the tools she has given me for managing my anger. This alone has been a tremendous improvement in my outlook on life. I know I am on the right path and with your help I am a happier person. Thank you Ocean.” (James A.)

“Ocean’s kind yet direct approach was exactly what I needed to overcome a long and debilitating apathy in my life. She was so completely understanding about my situation, which others had perceived as ‘trivial’. I felt totally accepted and safe in Ocean’s presence. Ocean led me to find my own answers by asking the right questions and holding me accountable for my commitment to my own mental health. Together we created a ‘practice’ and a weekly goal that was easily attainable and helped to build my self-confidence. Her gentle yet challenging guidance has placed me firmly on the path to a happier and more fulfilling life. I don’t know where I would be without her.” (Claire B.)

“Ocean’s integrative holistic approach to change is truly original and brilliant. It has helped me immensely in my struggles with depression, anxiety and bipolar. She provides so much in her counselling sessions: insight, understanding, compassion, wisdom, and guidance. We also share a lot of laughter. Her instruction in mindfulness has been pivotal in not letting my negative and manic thoughts get the better of me. Ocean’s LifeForce Yoga classes are very powerful. It is a way to clear negativity and feel calm, relaxed and grounded. Thank you so much. (G. Hurst)

Yoga Testimonials

“Ocean is an excellent yoga teacher: it is the way she combines asana practice, meditation and her contemplative practice that touches many so deeply. She has a gentle way of offering the teachings that leads to reflection for practitioners and students of all levels. I believe this ability, combined with her professional training as a counsellor enables her to truly reach people who are in need of support.” (J. Martinez Ph.D. Registered Psychologist)

“It is so refreshing to be in Ocean’s class. Even though she is addressing relatively lofty topics, the way she teaches makes it truly attainable right here, right now for me. She has a great way with words and her class really is genuinely fun. My heart became brighter, stronger and more clear after class. Ocean is a unique teacher. She is a delightful blend of a gentle heart, keen intellect, great spirit and earth momma. She is very real.” (S.T.)

“I am completely inspired by Ocean’s calm and supportive presence and her integration of Buddhist philosophy of self acceptance and non-judgment into both the yoga and meditation practice. Every class fills me with a refreshing perspective of self love and acceptance for exactly where I am in my journey as a human being. There are classes when I have been moved to tears releasing body tensions, and inner pain. I always leave in tune with life today, accepting what is present.” (G. Van Horn MSW)

“Several years ago my son died by suicide. In the trauma that followed I found my yoga practice offered a deep and profound form of grief therapy. The meditation practice in particular allowed me to sit with my grief in small sips.  In addition to regular counselling, I consider yoga and meditative practice to have been a significant part of my grieving and healing process. The physical yoga helped me work with the grief in my body, rather than being focused on words, and the meditation helped soften my mind and heart. In particular, Ocean has been a loving and kind teacher. On my first day in her class, she noticed my distress and approached me with respectful concern, and I always feel ‘seen’ by her. Her approach to meditation is gentle and non-judgmental and real, even sometimes humorous, and always understanding and respectful of our human condition.” (R.A.)