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Open your mind to possibilities.

Open your heart to receive.

“The greatest gift you can give the world is to live your destiny.”

For many of us, the architecture of our lives is built on stories and beliefs we learned from our families, schools and society. It is usually a narrative of fear and lack. We are taught to play small, stay safe and find security. We learn not to make a fuss and that our wants, desires and needs don’t matter.

To some degree this strategy worked. You are safe, you have a job and you are well fed. But maybe there is a sense of ennui—of going through the motions, or burden with anxiety, guilt, shame or debt. You wonder what happened to joy, awe and connection? You might realize you are living a strategy rather than living your life.

In mindfulness meditation we realize we are not our thoughts. With practice we connect to a deeper current that courses through our lives. AND if we are courageous, we will listen. We will allow this impulse to guide us. When this happens, you are living life. You are living your destiny.

This course is an invitation to listen; to connect to this current; to go to the edge of your narrative and discover what is possible. With meditation, we loosen the narrative and beliefs that have a stranglehold on our lives. With sustained practice we create more spaciousness and bring a deeper intelligence to the moment. We sense the enormity of possibility that exists for each of us. What do you truly desire? Will I say yes to my potential?

This course is a training in:

  • Recognizing the narrative(s) that run us
  • Developing a stable and expansive mind through the practice of meditation
  • Meeting the obstacles on the way
  • Softening and opening our hearts, first and foremost to ourselves, so we feel worthy to receive

This 12-week course is divided into two parts. The first part covers theory, philosophy and meditation.

The second part of this course will dive into more specific topics such as ‘Finding your true voice’, ‘Love yourself into change’ and ‘I am enough’.

Those that are highly motivated and driven might find the first part of the course sufficient to start living life. For the rest of us, we want more time to dive deeper, more time to care for the tenderness emerging and nurture courage. And the richness and healing of the group is in the gathering and witnessing of each other.

I hope you will join me on this remarkable journey.

A new course is coming Fall 2021. Contact me to learn more or to register.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions @ 250-382-3810



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