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Open your mind to possibilities
Open your heart to receive
The greatest gift you can give the world

is to live your destiny
“I recently took Ocean’s Open Heart Open Mind course, which she promised would change my life — and it did! I wholeheartedly recommend this course. Each week I was surprised by what I learned and the insights I gained.”  — SH, Registered Nurse


For many of us, the architecture of our lives is built on stories and beliefs we learned from our families, schools and society. It is usually a narrative of fear and lack. We are taught to play small, stay safe and find security. We learn not to make a fuss and that our wants, desires and needs don’t matter. 

To some degree, this strategy worked. You are safe, you have a job and you are well fed. But maybe you are burdened with anxiety, guilt, shame or debt or a sense of going through the motions—feeling empty. You might realize you are living out a strategy rather than living your life.
This course is an invitation to reclaim your life. It’s an opportunity to go to the edge of your narrative and discover what is possible from there.  
It’s about developing a mindset to experience life as full of opportunities rather than a mindset of fear, lack and survival. You will realize you are the architect of your life and you have the power to change. The course is a radical reframing of what you thought life is to what you truly desire. It’s a shift from survival strategy to success strategy.
With mindfulness meditation, we realize we are not our stories or beliefs. With practice, we connect to a deeper current of life. AND if we are courageous, we will listen. We allow this impulse to guide us. When this happens, you are living life. You are living your destiny. (While mindfulness meditation will be a foundational tool, this is not a mindfulness course.)
We sense the enormous possibility that exists for each of us. What do you truly desire? Will you say yes to your potential?

In this live 12-week online course, you’ll learn about:

– Aligning with your purpose
– The Big “C” — Commitment
– The narratives that direct your life
– Knowing and claiming your own worth
– Managing fear and the inner critic
– Recognizing the insidious nature of resistance and overcoming obstacles
– Creating more wealth

If you’re curious about how this course might help you …
If you’re interested and ready for a change …
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“I was non-committal about the course — I had one foot in and one foot out. But each week, I was surprised by what I learned and the insights I gained. Over the 12 weeks, lessons and insights kept percolating. By the end of the course, I had turned my life in a new direction! I actually believe I can trust my dreams. Very powerful. I am beyond grateful to Ocean and the course.” — NH, Director, Province of BC

“I experienced so much personal growth through this course. I feel more empowered, more compassionate to myself, and less alone in my struggles. I had never done work like this in a group setting before, and I was both nervous and skeptical to try, but it turned out to be incredible. I underestimated the power of group work. I plan to do these courses with Ocean whenever they become available. I highly recommend participating! For me, the experience was motivating, inspiring, and healing. It was so worth it.” — CF, counsellor

“I recently took Ocean’s Open Heart Open Mind course, which she promised would change my life – and it did! I wholeheartedly recommend this course.  It works on many levels, integrating heart, mind, and body. It brought together an amazing group of people. I had no idea of the power of being seen and heard in a group like this. Practicing staying present with each person in the group as we shared our own triumphs and struggles brought the lessons of meditation and mindfulness home for me.

We each created a vision for our lives, and now I have an evolving map to guide me on my journey. It is not an abstraction, an idea like “being happy,” but rather a living document I am excited to work on – for Ocean taught me I have been living my life and reacting to events based on old scripts I was taught, not based on my true self how I am today. That harsh voice in my head that tells me I am not good enough and not worthy of love is quieting as I learn to speak to myself as I would speak to a dear friend. I am being kind to myself in a way I have never been, and this is allowing me to feel my own gentle power and the positive influence my own light can have on others.

I am curious, I ask more questions, and I’m learning I don’t have to control everything to feel safe. I am learning what it is to be human: complicated, imperfect, beautiful, passionate, messy, adventurous. All of it is okay, it is me.” 
— SH, Registered Nurse

Ocean Lum, MA, RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor)
Holistic Counselling
Integrating Science, Psychology and Spirituality


Previous Events

January 2022 retreat: New Year, New You

Welcome the New Year with a day of: Reflection, Presence, & Visioning

“Time with Ocean in retreat is an opportunity for deep introspection in a time of turmoil, both personal and worldly. In a time of transition, these moments are priceless.” B.H., Editor

Please join me via Zoom on January 3 for a day-long retreat devoted to meditation, reflecting and visioning.

Give yourself this day to pause from the busyness and connect more deeply to your life.

Pausing to meditate, we find meaning and deeper truth. We connect to our grace, dignity, compassion and wisdom. We come to know ourselves as loving awareness and embodied wisdom. We see our life from a bigger and wiser perspective. 
From this perspective, we reflect on the passing of 2021: what we accomplished, what we celebrated, what we grieved, and the lessons learned.  
Bring closure to 2021.   Let go.   Make room for what could be in 2022. 
This retreat is a ‘sacred’ space to dream, to vision, to imagine—life in 2022. Take time to connect with your deepest desires, longings and goals. Vision them into reality. How will we find fulfillment? How will we thrive? What does greatness look like? There will be time for questions and inspired discussion

Meet 2022 with clarity, joy, kindness and strength!

Please join me for a powerful day. 

Details: Monday, January 3, 2022 (Zoom)10 am to 12:30 pm2:30 to 5:00 pm7:15 to 8:30 pm: Integrate the day with a deeply restful practice (optional)Investment: sliding scale $100 to $150.

Registration: Please email me at: with your intention to attend, along with your payment.

Please share with your friends!

I really appreciate Ocean’s ability to weave together, meditation, life-affirming poetry, forgiveness practice, body awareness, while also holding the group in what feels like a sacred circle, all masterfully paced and facilitated. Sign me up!”    M.H., Educational Assistant
“Ocean creates a safe space to examine and challenge beliefs and emotions. Time with Ocean in retreat is an opportunity for deep introspection in a time of turmoil, both personal and worldly. In a time of transition, these moments are priceless.” B.H. Editor

 “I found Ocean’s meditations extremely helpful as I navigated my way through a very challenging time. She offers a variety of methods that helped me become more present, release stuck emotions, and feel more in my body to better understand my own process. She created a very welcoming and supportive space to do the work.  I’m so grateful for her guidance!”  L.W., Teacher